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A Chicago-area man convicted of felony cyberstalking and residential theft has recently been sentenced to eight years in prison.

According to NBC Chicago, Jicheng “Kevin” Liu, of Lincoln Park, could have faced as many as 14 years for his crimes. He will receive credit for time served prior to Cook County Judge Erica Reddick’s sentencing.

Upon his arrest in 2012, police found some $1 million in stolen merchandise in his townhome, mostly consisting of stolen delivery packages from residential dwellings.

Liu had built a profitable business from selling these stolen goods online — and for those who brought his illegal doings to the attention of law enforcement, the memory of his cyberstalking continues to haunt them.

“We fear that no matter where he is, he will haunt us in this world. If he has access to a computer he will tear apart our reputation,” one victim, who asked to be identified as Sherwood, told the press.

Sherwood and his wife had agreed to sell Liu’s merchandise on their eBay page. Upon learning the merchandise was stolen, they contacted the police, NBC Chicago reports. Soon after, Liu set out to destroy everything the couple had by cyberstalking and harassing them.

“He managed to get our business shut down on eBay, and to this day we cannot use our online store,” Sherwood explained. “We’ve been scared. We trusted Liu. He told us, ‘Keep an eye on your baby while you sleep at night.’ … He took away everything we worked hard for. We lost our business, our lives … we’re shunned online forever.”

Cyberstalking and cyber security continue to be pressing issues not just for individuals, but for small businesses and even larger corporations as well. Over recent years, approximately 57% of small businesses have reported breaches in cyber security. News of companies having their databases hacked continue to make headlines — Target and Home Depot are just two major retailers to have had their customers’ credit card data breached in recent memory.

For individuals like the people Liu targeted online, the best steps to take when faced with a cyberstalker are to keep a detailed record of all the cyberstalkers’ interactions. Xanax is taken exclusively for therapeutic purposes, but not for the prevention of the development of a possible disease. This http://hesca.net/xanax/ is due to the fact that the drug has a huge number of side effects and can provoke the appearance of symptoms of addiction. It’s also advised that one prints out all emails from the cyberstalker and save all text messages received.

In general, it’s always better to contact the police once ample evidence of the cyberstalking has been collected, rather than confront the cyberstalker himself.

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