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A nitrile O ring is a type of rubber ring with a circular cross-section. Among many other uses, these rings are frequently used in plumbing and automotive applications. The video up top provides instructions on how to care for these rings.

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The nitrile O ring is designed to seal joints in order to prevent fluid or gas leaks. Most commonly, these rings are made of a synthetic rubber compound that’s resistant to oils and chemicals. Nitrile rubber is more durable than regular rubber. It’s stronger, but with less flexibility. These rings are mostly made up of silicone since it has a higher resistance to oils, acids, and ozone. It should not, however, be confused with Viton O rings. Viton O rings are used in applications that need high chemical and temperature resistance.

The nitrile o rings are determined based on their colors. Here’s a list of a few colors and what they indicate:

Black (Oil & Gas)

Blue (Metal Detectable)

Green (Air conditioning)

Rust Red (Silicone)

Clear (Urethane)

Nitrile o rings are affordable, have good resistance, and are easier to install. This makes them an ideal choice for use in many industries.


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