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Did you receive flowers from a loved one? Then you might want to take good care of them. If you plan to buy roses or different flowers for your love, you should learn these tips and tricks to make them last longer.

Flowers should go to a vase and be part of your living room or bedroom decoration. However, to make your flower last longer, you should keep the vase clean and with clear water.

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Don’t forget to cut the stems as soon as you get them out of the wrap, as the roses need oxygen and an active connection to the clear water. Flowers and heat don’t go along well, so keep them out of the kitchen or nearby windows. They last longer if you keep them in a cool place with low lighting. However, if you have roses and want to keep them in top condition, place them in warm water.

Roses and flowers are one of the most beautiful gifs for your loved one. If you want to make sure they last longer, follow these tips.


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