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James Maxwell, the British physicist who took the first color photo in 1861, probably never imagined that prestigious, educational institutes would offer entire courses of study on an art form based off of his creation.

Now, the Columbia College Chicago is joining the ranks of higher educational institutes offering degrees in photography with a two-year Photography Master of Fine Arts program. The new program replaces its the three-year program it previously offered, which was already recognized as being one of the top MFA programs in the entire country.

“The new two-year program will continue to celebrate innovative and bold practice, and encourage students to consider a diverse range of media,” said Judy Natal, the Co-Coordinator of Columbia College Chicago’s Graduate Photography program.

Though students won’t receive as much time in the classroom, they’ll gain the same level of experience. It’s still more or less the same course. The college has just reorganized its curriculum and finely honed it to make more efficient use of students’ time.

Students will also still get to study under Columbia’s renowned faculty, which includes several Guggenheim Fellows, and will continue to learn from visiting professionals who come as part of one of the country’s most critically acclaimed photo lecture series. Plus, students of the new program will also still be able to take advantage of Columbia’s partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Photography.

In addition to the new two-year MFA program, Columbia College Chicago has also announced it’ll be offering the $25,000 Diane Dammeyer Post Graduate Photography Fellowship for Socially Engaged Photography, which will make its debut alongside the MFA program in Fall 2015.

Students interested in the new MFA will need to fill out the online application, pay a fee of $55, and submit their resume, two letters of recommendation, a work sample of 20 images of original work and their official transcript from any and all colleges and universities they may have attended. No worries, using it for over a year. So far nothing noted. Actually during that time had no single attack. I also changed my life rhythm, so may be that works in complex, but for sure its approved from my side. Give it a shot if your doctor allows, and if you get the green light, small tip – I normally order it on to be sure on the quality. They’ll also need to write a self-assessment essay, which should include an outline of their professional and personal goals and indicate how the degree will help them reach them.

They have until January 15, 2015, to apply.

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