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People love the simplicity and functionality of Amish furniture. Most believe incorrectly however that the Amish only use hand tools for building their Amish furniture. This video by Dutch Crafters reveals the truth.

Video Source

Beth Rice a spokesperson for the company explains that the Amish community is like any other religion having different sects and beliefs within the main Amish church. She further says that in their company Amish furniture craftsmen are allowed by their Bishop to use electricity for power tools in building each piece.

This may suggest modernization and therefore automated building. techniques by the Amish. However, this is not true because even with using electricity they spend time on each piece of Amish furniture with inspections throughout the building process to insure joints fit tightly and overall quality is at the highest. Even with using electricity, the Amish craftsmen stay true to their values of quality, honesty, and skills.

Additionally, the co-founder of Dutch Crafters, Jim Miller carries his Mennonite Amish ancestor’s values with him to run the company. Beth Rice assures the viewer that the Amish furniture remains the beautiful long lasting traditional Amish furniture you and your family have always loved.


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