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Anyone with medical needs that are taken care of at home is almost certain to need to dispose of medical waste regularly. Medical waste consists of unused medications, empty containers of medical, products, and other bi-products of home healthcare processes. Clearly, disposing of these properly is critical to a clean and healthy living space. Fortunately, the CareChannel has made this helpful YouTube video for anyone who needs to dispose of medical waste.

Taking on this information could mean the difference between quality home care and the danger of exposure risk.

Video Source

Be sure to watch, and read on.

How to Dispose of Clinical Waste
1. Know what kinds of waste you have
Knowing what kinds of medical waste you have is key. Always look at the package for proper disposal directions.

2. Always use protective equipment
The use of protective gloves and other PPE is always a good idea, and sometimes critical.

3. Use the correct disposal containers
Some medical waste must go into specially hardened and/or sealed containers

4. Always think about your local groundwater
Medication in the ground and sewer water is a major source of dangerous pollutants. Always take this into consideration before disposing of any medical waste.


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