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When you need an attorney for a specific situation, you’ll want to evaluate all the different types of litigators who may be able to help you achieve the results you desire. While no outcome is guaranteed in a legal problem of any kind, you may find that having an attorney or litigation professional who specializes in your area of law can provide avenues for resolution that a generalized legal professional may not have in their mind when they review your case during a consultation.

Do I Need a Litigator?

Despite the differences that may arise in situations, you should be able to tell if you need one of the many types of litigators out there based on some key issues you’ll notice in a situation. If you’re having legal issues that you can’t resolve on your own, it will almost certainly be beneficial to enlist a skilled litigation professional to help you handle the situation and provide expert advice that a professional without litigation credentials may not be able to give. You may also be able to tell if you need a litigator based on whether documents related to a situation suggest that you get an attorney to assist you with building or defending your case.

Whenever you feel like you may have violated a law or like you’ll be handling legal issues in a circumstance, it’s wise to at least consult with a litigator. After all, most litigators are willing to offer a free consultation where they let you know if they’re the right person to help you with all issues. If they don’t feel like you need their services, they’ll let you know upfront before you invest a lot of money and time into working with them, so it’s fairly free from risk to contact a litigator if you suspect you may benefit from having one.


As dark as it is to consider, the day may come when you find yourself in court and need to take the stand after being accused of a crime. If this situation should ever come to pass, having even the most basic plan of how the judicial process works could be invaluable for the defendant. The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution states that everyone has the right to an attorney in a trial by jury, no matter how severe the crime may be. Whether you are guilty of the crime or not, contacting an experienced criminal lawyer or one of the related types of litigators available should be the first thing you do if you’re faced with legal charges.

Criminal lawyers are types of litigators in their fields and have dedicated their lives to helping give the best defense possible for their clients. Years of experience in the courtroom earned by your types of litigators could be the thing that saves you from spending a lot of time in prison in the long run. Depending on the charges, hiring a criminal lawyer could mean the difference between a petty misdemeanor and decades in prison. That’s not to say a pro bono attorney couldn’t do the job well, though. Take into account your financial situation when thinking about the possibility of hiring a lawyer. Experienced lawyers can cost a small fortune, but sometimes the price is meaningless when the issue of going to prison is on the table. If you can’t afford a private attorney, you may qualify for a public defender, so you shouldn’t let money keep you from getting representation.

Car Accident

Our society is all but reliant on the use of cars to get around. With the rise of the suburbs and the highway system in post World War II America, cars have become a necessity for modern life. With that rise came the unfortunate reality that accidents will occur. Animals run out onto the road, black ice can coat the highway, and other drivers can lose control of their vehicles for one reason or another. Regardless of the cause, car accidents happen. Some are more severe than others, but all are incredibly detrimental to both your health and your transportation situation.

If the worst should ever happen and an accident were to occur, reaching out to some local car accident law firms to get a quote on the cost of their services is incredibly important. Getting ahead of a situation that could leave you with a mountain of debt, the loss of your vehicle, and potentially even criminal charges should instantly become your top priority with hiring the right types of litigators for the circumstances.

One example of what these types of litigators can help you navigate is if you run a small landscaping company and your truck got damaged in an accident. Your lawyer exists to help with all the problems that come about as a result of that accident. They can make sure you get your insurance payout, so you can get to a dealer and go through the process of replacing your vehicle. While they handle the legal ends of an accident, you can handle the busywork like a truck body selection process to ensure your company survives.


There shouldn’t be any excuse for driving while intoxicated in the modern world. With the rise of ridesharing apps, the ever present cab services, public transit, and the tried and true method of calling a friend, it’s easier now more than ever to find ways to avoid driving while impaired. But some people either don’t think about it, forget to plan, or get carried away and don’t take the necessary precautions. Horrible accidents can happen. What happens next?

Contacting a DWI attorney should be the very first thing someone accused of driving while under the influence does. You’ll want to find the types of litigators who can defend yourself or a loved one in court. If a mistake occurred during the initial arrest and testing process, it could be a disaster for the defending party. For example, there are cases of the methods of testing someone’s blood alcohol content being defective and giving false readings. No one should have their life thrown away because of a broken breathalyzer test. A DWI attorney will fight tooth and nail to protect their clients, regardless of their guilt. Just remember to schedule a ride home before you have that first drink. It could save you a lot of time, money, and guilt.


Since money is so important to most of us, hiring a wealth preservation service to protect our monetary interests can be inevitable in some cases. When you need to protect your estate or recover some funds, a financial litigator can be a great asset to have on your team. The types of litigators who work in the world of finance will let you know during a consultation whether you need their services or the assistance of a related professional, so it doesn’t hurt to contact one if legal problems and financial issues are intersecting in your life.

For those who have committed financial crimes or have been charged with financial crimes, it may be important to have multiple types of litigators evaluate the situation from their perspectives. Criminal defense attorneys will have one perspective, while financial litigators may have another one. If you’re serious about having the best possible outcome from being charged with crimes related to finances, you’ll want to have a team of lawyers who have your best interests at heart and the right plan for you in mind.


Talking about what comes after you die is possibly the darkest conversation you can have in your entire life. Nobody wants to think about that, and for good reason. But after living a long and full life, the issue of What comes next? is bound to come up for all the people who will be impacted by your loss. If your life ends with a lot of potentially valuable assets to divide up between your next of kin, a lot of drama could ensue between the people you leave behind.

The types of litigators who specialize in estate planning can help ensure none of these interfamilial conflicts ever really spiral out of control. Visiting estate planners, while you’re still young and mentally sound enough to make decisions for yourself, translates to having more of a say in what happens to all of your belongings after you pass.

For example, an estate planner can meet with you and discuss the future of your custom home. You built that place from the ground up and it stands as a reflection of the person who designed it. Additionally, you may have a bank account you nearly emptied, making sure it’s nothing short of perfect. Working with limited resources is all the more reason to work with an estate planning litigator to ensure your legacy isn’t wasted or lost after you leave this earth.

Visiting with an estate planner to decide the fate of your own little home you’ve been monitoring and fostering, since it was nothing more than some lines on a blueprint, can be a key step in passing away peacefully. It deserves to belong to someone who will appreciate it for all the memories it holds, rather than being sold off to a bank or total stranger. Besides helping with houses, they also help with issues like writing up wills, managing trusts, and granting either themselves or a loved one power of attorney, so you have the care you need if things should take a turn for the worst.

Real Estate

Everyone’s dream is to one day have a place of their own and it’s a major step in becoming an independent person. The process of renting or buying your own space can be extremely challenging if you don’t know what to look for when trying to get your place. Real estate lawyers specialize in making sure their clients are taken care of during the potentially stressful process and they should not be overlooked when house hunting. When it comes time to put pen to paper, it’s better to have someone who has made a career out of knowing just what is on those pages than blindly signing your name and risking your livelihood on a whim.

For example, say the house you’re looking at isn’t exactly up to code on pest control. Anyone who knows the damage termites can do knows that they can destroy a house from the inside out. This puts the lives of you, your family, and any guests who may be in the house at the time that a potential accident could occur. Before the sale of a home is made, homeowners looking to sell are expected to provide accurate and timely reports of recent pest control activities done to protect the property, termite removal included. There are termite lawyers who specialize in both protecting home buyers from people trying to rip them off during the process of selling their house, and pest control companies not giving their full effort to protect a home while performing routine termite control activities around the property.

Another potential dealbreaker during the process of buying or selling a home is the presence of mold spores in the house. Mold is one of the most dangerous hazards in homes. It doesn’t move around like a pest, so it can be hard to trace the source and the short and long term health effects can cause serious harm to families just living their lives. One common type of mold is water damage mold, and it can be caused by something as simple as a leaky pipe that goes unchecked for a single day. If you believe you or your family was put at risk because of untreated water mold damage during the process of buying a new property or if your home suffered damage and needs immediate help to repair the damage done, you may be liable for compensation and should contact a real estate lawyer immediately to weigh your options.

As you consider all of the types of litigators, you should think about your needs and wants. Some litigators may have generalized experience while others may specialize. Before you hire a litigator, ask about their experience and legal qualifications to help you.

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