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In the tropical paradise of the Philippines, retirees can find affordability, rich cultural experiences, and diverse landscapes in various cities. Here’s a quick guide to the top 7 affordable retirement destinations:

Dumaguete City:

Nestled in the central Philippines, Dumaguete City is a charming haven with a low cost of living, warm climate, and scenic views—an ideal retirement spot.

Iloilo City:

In Western Visayas, Iloilo City is a commerce, finance, and education hub. It offers an affordable cost of living with historical landmarks, vibrant expat communities, and a recognized safety record.


Bacolod in Western Visayas welcomes retirees with friendly locals, a laid-back vibe, and a rich food scene. Accessibility to nearby areas adds to its allure.

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Davao City:

Situated in southeastern Mindanao, Davao City boasts stunning natural scenery, a reputation as one of Southeast Asia’s safest cities, affordability, modern amenities, and robust infrastructure.


Tucked in the Cordillera Mountains, Baguio offers a cool climate, vibrant art scene, and diverse food offerings. Its moderate cost of living and relaxed pace of life make it a haven for retirees.


Cavite, south of Manila, combines historical beauty, diverse landscapes, and affordability. Within its borders, you can discover budget-friendly living options, like an affordable General Trias Cavite house and lot.

Cagayan De Oro:

Dubbed the “City of Golden Friendship,” Cagayan De Oro in North Mindanao combines rural and urban living. With a lower cost of living and exciting natural wonders, it’s an affordable and adventurous retirement choice.


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