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Everyone is chronically online. Today, you cannot see anyone not on their phones all the time. While most use their phones for social media or connecting with their loved ones, many use them for convenience. If you are curious about something or looking for something specific, you will search for it. Those moments are when businesses can take advantage of being online. Search engines are used heavily on a daily basis, with people using them for the simplest searches like a particular bag or the nearest cafe. Because of its popularity, businesses have started to build a presence on search engines, dedicating marketing resources and personnel to become great against competitors in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You can pay your way to ensure you build a strong presence on search engines. However, there is an allure to achieving high-ranking web pages on organic search results. This makes hiring an organic SEO expert a worthy investment. If you can attract people to your websites without spending a single cent, your ROI skyrockets. An organic SEO expert knows how to optimize blog posts, landing pages, and other website content to ensure they rank high in search engines. If you aren’t utilizing organic SEO, you might be missing out on a lot of free engagements and leads. Here are a few industries that can benefit from hiring an organic SEO expert.

Law Firms

Law firms often stand their ground as traditional businesses, relying on face-to-face interactions and word-of-mouth referrals to gather a strong clientele. They can thrive on those strategies, often not requiring too much investment in marketing efforts. However, it does not mean that hiring an organic SEO expert can’t help build on it. Law firms aren’t new to spending on search engines, with big companies spending from $10,000 to $50,000 on pay-per-click advertising per month. However, it is in organic search where 66% of conversions happen, making it ideal to build a strong presence on search engines.

Content regarding specialized law to help potential customers understand what legal services they need can attract customers. You can lead them to your landing pages for consultation, allowing your organic search efforts to become the top source of leads. However, you might also need to secure a social media service for law firms. They establish a strong presence with potential customers, allowing the company name to be more familiar compared to competitors. Videos and images of lawyers discussing different scenarios that might require their services.

Farming Equipment

Agriculture is another sector that doesn’t rely heavily on online technology. While digital technology might manage to creep its way into the operations, you rarely find farmers going online other than to shop for farming equipment. This is where farming equipment businesses can stand tall. It can be challenging for farmers to dedicate time to go to different places to browse for them. Those instances will be time-consuming, taking their attention away from their farms’ needs. They will look for more convenient options, making it ideal for a farm and tractor supply company to create a strong presence on search engines.

Hiring an organic SEO expert can be ideal for farm and tractor supply companies because search engines provide a gateway for e-commerce efforts. Those ventures can create website pages for their products, adding specific descriptions to make a potential customer’s life easier and sell from there. Of course, the logistics of the operations will still be a heavy investment. However, it might not matter if the influx of farmers choosing your company to buy from is going higher by the day. Organic search ensures you can invest zero dollars on marketing efforts and more money to your core business function, which is to sell equipment.


Organic search is only one part of the entire marketing spectacle. There will be many other marketing strategies that businesses want to secure, such as video production, content writing, social media, and pay-per-click advertising. Marketing agencies will provide services centered around those more popular strategies, creating a business that can be profitable when the clientele list keeps growing.

However, growth can be challenging to pursue if marketing agencies do not pursue aggressive organic search. As marketing-focused business entities, being competitive online for leads is almost a necessity. Hiring an organic SEO expert can help ensure you always remain on top, targeting keywords that businesses normally use to direct them to your services. A branding agency might not have SEO as part of their services, but getting them as a tool for lead generation will be critical.

Educational Institutions

You will notice that younger generations are more adaptable to online technology compared to older people. Fortunately, this benefits those businesses that consider those younger individuals as their target market. One that stands out the most is educational institutions. Whether it is a university or a tutorial service, ventures that focus on providing people with academic knowledge can prosper with a strong SEO presence.

Hiring an SEO expert can help any educational institution target keywords that connect potential students and their parents to their business. Established academic institutions such as universities and high schools can utilize an assortment of keywords with their names attached to them to ensure that people can find them on search engines. Providing content posts that inform or educate students on courses they can pick for a future career is usually the go-to strategy for organic searches, convincing them to sign up for a specific degree. For an after school program, targeting keywords that highlight the benefits of their value proposition could attract students looking for something to do after school.

Home Services

There is a stigma around becoming a homeowner that you should know how to handle home maintenance and repairs. While DIY has plenty of benefits, it will take some time for homeowners to learn them. As a result, they will rely heavily on their good buddy, online search. However, there will be plenty of tasks that might be too complex or dangerous to handle, requiring professional services over DIY efforts. This area is where home services can thrive, and being present on search engines can help with visibility.

Tasks like domestic electrical installation will require professional services, which is where your home services business can come in. You can target keywords that homeowners will search for, like “electrical installation” or “home electrical services.” Creating content and landing pages for those services allows you to put your business front and center when homeowners need them, which is usually instant. Another home services business that could benefit from organic searches is a roofing company, which can handle the hazards and complexities of roofing repairs or replacements. You can utilize keywords along with the location of the city to ensure it targets everyone in your area as potential customers.

Surrogacy Clinics

Surrogacy is often a rarely considered alternative for pregnancy, which means clinics that provide it will have to work with a small target audience. Unfortunately, it means that every clinic will have to go all out when competing with customers looking to conceive a child in a different way. The same goes for donors. People might be willing to become a surrogate but are unable to because they do not know the steps. They will search for them online, making it essential for surrogacy clinics to create a presence there.

Similar to home services businesses, surrogacy clinics can utilize keywords along with their respective locations to target the local audience. Working with other terms like affordable or convenient can further enhance the chances of landing leads because surrogacy is usually seen as an expensive procedure. Facts, demonstrations, and procedures of surrogacy can be the heart of a clinic’s content online, making their organic search presence valuable to those interested.


Banks are often established ventures with government backing, which means it might be easy for them to acquire customers. However, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be competitive. Banks need to gather more customers other than opening a bank account, with services like selling credit cards, loans, and insurance policies further enhancing a bank’s profitability. Hiring an organic SEO expert might be ideal to ensure that a bank can be competitive in a very competitive field.

A banking consulting firm can also benefit from an organic SEO expert, especially for B2B services. Business bank accounts require heavy resources and personnel to keep up, and providing auditory services can be a profitable venture for companies that need it. You can utilize different keywords related to business banking to ensure you can attract potential customers.


There are so many complexities that confuse people when it comes to dental services. Without information, patients might decide to skip the essential regular dental visit until something bad happens. Dental clinics must get customers through the door, even for just cleaning and checkups. As a result, hiring an organic SEO expert is a valuable addition to a dental clinic’s personnel.

An organic SEO expert can create content and website links that educate and inform a dental clinic’s target audience about dental issues and symptoms, ultimately leading to a call to action that convinces them to visit the establishment. Moreover, SEO experts can highlight specific dental services like that of a pediatric dentist, targeting younger people and their parents. Those strategies attract dental patients to a clinic, allowing it to profit from essentially free content production.

Home Landscaping

Home services already have a case for pursuing organic search efforts, but the same applies to home landscaping. It can take a while for homeowners to understand what they need to do in gardening and installing outdoor amenities, especially when they are already so busy with work and other home responsibilities. As a result, they will search online for gardeners and landscapers to help out with the tasks needed to be performed for an aesthetically pleasing curb appeal. Fortunately, hiring an organic SEO expert can do wonders for a landscaping company.

A landscaping company can provide many services to customers, which means there are a variety of keywords to target. Erosion control is among the most common ones to consider investing in for organic search content because homeowners might end up confused as to why their plants are not growing healthily. Another keyword to target is weeding removal because homeowners might struggle to identify what they are. Those are only a few of the many services to build content on, ensuring you can build a strong presence on search engines that generate leads for your landscaping business.

Data-Based Businesses

Businesses know that data is the future, but they might struggle with the complex nature of integrating something new into their operations. Storing and collecting data themselves might result in a big mess, making efforts to utilize data counterproductive. As a result, they will tap into search engines seeking professional services that specialize in what they want to achieve. This is where a data-based business can thrive, but like all technologically advanced firms, a company is in a competitive sector.

An organic SEO expert can help make things easier for a data business, targeting keywords related to the services they offer and reaching out to clients. The specialist will produce content that showcases the benefits of data for a company and why they should partner with the company they are hired to. They will also aim to take authority over keywords that relate to their products. Data collection devices often have a competitive section because nearly all data firms provide them, so ensuring that the organic content makes it to the top page of search engine results will increase the chances of higher conversions.

Organic SEO marketing can do wonders for a company without having to spend a lot of money. Other than hiring an SEO expert, you can attract and convert clients or customers for free. However, it is vital to understand that SEO is an ever-changing field, which is why you should not stop at hiring only one specialist. You might need an entire SEO department if you want to remain competitive and successful in your industry. However, you will notice your investment will be worth it when new customers inform you that they partnered with your company due to a strong presence in search engines.

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