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The mild start to winter gave many people false hope, but the harsh reality of frigid temperatures is beginning to set in.

Now, a local landlord is in some hot water after attempting to circumvent Chicago’s heating ordinance.apartment

According to WGN, Velma Bowman, a tenant in a building at 46th and Lake Park, complained to the city when the temperature in her apartment was hovering around 60 degrees despite the freezing conditions.

Under the Chicago heating ordinance, landlords are required to heat rental units to at least 68 degrees during the day and 66 degrees overnight. Bowman, who has a CHA voucher to rent the unit, claims that she has been seeking assistance with her heating issue since November.

The apartment building’s owner, Wolcott Real Property, allegedly never even responded to Bowman’s complaints. Mimi Simon, a spokesperson for Chicago’s Department of Buildings, said that they have issued a notice of violation to the owner of Wolcott Real Properties, who will have to appear in court.

Chicago’s rapid descent into single-digit temperatures has also caused some plumbing problems for homeowners. While tree roots can cause thousands of dollars of damage to sewer lines, plumbers often get the majority of their business during the winter when pipes begin to freeze.

Jimmy Acevedo, who works for Four Seasons Heating and Cooling, said that some of the pipes he has been working on have become so frozen that residents are unable to shower or flush the toilet.

Acevedo added that proper insulation is key to protecting pipes, and he encourages homeowners to make sure their water is flowing well at all times.

According to Penn Live, frigid temperatures are also affecting plumbing for homeowners in central Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania American Water, a local utility service, provided several tips to local homeowners to avoid frozen pipes. Among the more notable tips offered were eliminating drafts near doors and allowing a small trickle of water to run overnight.

As for the fiasco regarding Velma Bowman, other local property owners will certainly take notice of Chicago’s strong stance on honesty between landlords and tenants.

Wolcott Real Properties has yet to comment on the matter.


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