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For the majority of us, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that we’ll want to remember forever. After all, 88% of Americans get married at least once. And while 2.4 million weddings are performed each year nationwide, not every couple recalls every detail from their nuptials. Typically, that’s when having wedding photos and video footage come in handy. But several Chicago area brides are still fighting to gain access to video captured on their special day.

Some of these brides have been waiting years to receive their wedding videos. One bride, Erin Brewer, has only photographs to remember her 2012 wedding. “We want that memory, we want to be able to share it with our friends, our family, and our children when they get older and we can’t,” says Brewer.

Former bride Tara Grall has a similar story. She’s never received the video footage from her 2011 wedding. The same goes for Nikki Novak, as well as 11 other brides.

The reason? One lone videographer.

Each bride hired John Kevin Mohan, of John Kevin Films, to document her wedding. And in each case, the brides have been left frustrated — and without final, edited footage of that day’s celebrations.

Erin Brewer says she paid Mohan $1,225 to film her wedding. While most of the other brides have paid in full as well, none have been given the fully produced Blu-Ray/DVD they were promised. Some do have raw, unedited footage in their possession, but were given this footage only very recently — and only after multiple complaints were launched.

Nikki Novak stated that Mohan “would just give me the same excuses over and over. I’m still encoding, I’m still encoding, and if it wasn’t that, it was the upgrade in software or having to buy new software and then reinstall it.”

Though Mohan was quick to point out that Novak still has a $325 balance due on her payment, he noted that he would forgive this due to the delay. But his excuses seem to have no bounds.

“As soon as I found this problem with the editing, I stopped selling wedding contracts,” he said. “I came out and filmed everyone’s weddings to get them memorialized knowing that eventually I would get this editing problem under control, which I am at this point. The jobs are getting done.”
Mohan blames the delays on technical problems, like the “blue screen of death” he experienced with his computer. Published data on suggest that the choice of the Tramadol dosage form is determined by the specific clinical case. Tablets and injection solution contain an identical active ingredient. The main difference lies in the speed of onset of the therapeutic effect and its duration. He went on to say that “the editing computer I had put together was not up to the task of editing high-definition footage. The program froze, it stalled, it crashed. I ended up having to borrow money from my family. So, I’m getting them done finally, but it is still taking me a long time.”

Mohan has needed more than just financial help from his family. He was forced to file for bankruptcy, and his business has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Complaints on the BBB’s website further illustrate that these incidents are not isolated, and that countless couples have been five years or more for their wedding footage.

While Mohan says he hopes to have the video editing completed before Christmas, these brides are likely skeptical that they’ll ever get access to their wedding footage. Experts advise clients to always have written contracts before agreeing to deals such as these; you can even put in a stipulation that full payment will be delivered upon the video’s receipt.