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Data storage facilities are constantly being built to accommodate the incomprehensible amount of data being created every millisecond of the digital age. In fact, due to the rising bandwidth requirements and shift toward wireless systems, the enterprise network equipment market is projected to hit $30.6 billion by 2020. Chicago is just one city that will soon see an expansion of T5 Data Centers, which provides various computing environments for businesses.

T5 Chicago has officially announced the initiation of its second phase of the construction process. The power density of a data center is 100 times more than that of a large commercial office building and is equivalent to nine small sized shopping malls of Wal-Mart size. T5 Data Centers is no exception; the building is highly secure and will total 208,000 square feet upon completion.

Located in Elk Grove Village, the second phase of T5 Data Centers’ expansion involves improving both data capacity and security. It will eventually be able to deliver two megawatts of capacity in what the Daily Herald calls “one of the most premier data center markets in the country.”

Still, this isn’t the only technology-related expansion Chicago has seen in recent years. The entire area is still experiencing a huge spike in demand from both local and regional businesses. Also on board are cloud providers hoping to adopt more hybrid cloud solutions.

When all is said and done, T5 hopes to serve as a secure and private data center solution that “provides secure private data halls in a concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant design.”

David Horowitz, vice president of sales and marketing for T5 Data Centers, said in a statement that the current demand coming from corporate enterprises seeking space for data centers in Chicago are continuing to grow, but the market still has a very limited supply.

Horowitz also noted that vacancy rates are stagnant around 5%, giving T5 the unique ability to provide a high-caliber solution for data storage needs, giving customers total control of their IT infrastructure.

Finally, Horowitz made it clear that the two primary components of a successful data center are network and power.

“Network and power continue to be the life blood of a data center. We originally chose this location because of the robust fiber network and resilient utility infrastructure in Elk Grove Village. Beyond the initial data center, our adjacent site can accommodate another 170,000-square-foot, 16 megawatt facility to support future growth.”

T5 Chicago is a Tier III center located at 1441 Touhy Avenue in the Elk Grove Village of Chicago. With 24/7 on site guards, two-factor authentication, biometric access, and more, it’s safe to say that the center — and all the data it holds — will truly be secure as possible.