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Chicago SkylineA beloved Chicago Police Commander was killed by an armed assailant wearing body armor on Tuesday, and the lead suspect, in this case, has a long felonious history.

Commander of the Near North District, Paul Bauer, was shot several times at 2 a.m. and died at the nearby Memorial Hospital. Earlier in the day, Bauer was involved in an ‘active shooter’ training for Chicago Police, according to Chicago Sun Times.

A highly respected member of the community, Bauer will be sorely missed.

“Bauer stood for the highest ideals of our police department and our city—to serve and protect the people of Chicago.” Fox News reports Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel saying.

This tragic and untimely death piles on to the police gun death statistics. Over the last 10 years, more than 33% of officer deaths were caused by gunshots, making it the second leading cause of officer death following car crashes.

In light of recent events, the question of body armor and armor piercing rounds is in question.

Typical bullets are made of lead, then coated with copper, stainless or carbon steel, aluminum- four metals most commonly used in the construction industry- and a number of gilding metals.

Armor piercing rounds, on the other hand, use a similar jacketed design, but instead of coated lead, the interior is made of hard, high-density metals like tungsten.

This could end up being relevant since the apprehended suspected shooter was wearing body armor at the time of the shooting. Speculation surrounding the use of armor piercing rounds might not be unfounded, given the suspect’s prior convictions.

What Chicago does know, however, is that a beloved officer of the law has died, and colleagues are mourning the loss.

Alderman Walter Burnett, a fellow officer working in the adjacent Near West Side Ward had nothing but praise for Bauer.

“He was a guy who treated folks like they were human beings. He was policeman’s policeman. But he was also a people person. Very soft-spoken, very calm and very honest.” Burnett said about his lost colleague.

Chicago’s thoughts have turned toward fond memories of Paul Bauer, and the suspected shooter has yet to be charged with this killing.

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