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Spring brings with it new bloom, ushering in a long-awaited host of activities for both the outdoor and indoor scene. From wiping down walls to deep cleaning your upholstery, this is the time to put your home in order in readiness for the warmer months. Here are our top 8 to-do items to consider putting to use to help with your essential spring cleaning tasks for homeowners.

Have the Roof Inspected

Your roof forms an essential part of your home, protecting you from outdoor weather elements that could wreak havoc on the contents in your home. This is why getting a roofing service is one of our spring cleaning tasks for homeowners. So, what can you expect from a professional service?

Structural inspection

During the structural inspection, your roofing expert will look for signs of sagging on your roof and if there are any signs of uneven roof planes. During this process, you can also expect your chimney to assess for any physical damage and cracks. Since the venting also forms a crucial part of your roofing system, be prepared for inspections in this area as well, specifically venting in your attic.

Material inspection

The material inspection comes next, with attention to details such as loose material. If your shingles are loose, this is a sign of roof degradation, an aspect that calls for their replacement to avoid any water leaks in your home. This will be followed by an inspection of elements such as moss, rust, and stains. If you also notice an accumulation of these materials is at the bottom of your gutter downspout during any of your spring cleanings, your roofing professional will likely need to replace your roof, as continual use could also lead to structural damage to your property.

Interior property inspection

Last is the investigation of your home’s interior for water leaks, with your interior ceiling being the first point of concern. If this area is free from signs of leaks, an assessment of your interior walls for signs of mold or staining comes next, with the attic also following suit.

Get Your Garden in Order

Have a plan

Getting your garden in order will require you to utilize a plan, as getting all details on paper is the key to implementing a proper landscape design and installation process. Before beginning, make it a point to detail how you intend to use your garden. Whether you prefer a vegetable garden or a relaxed family outdoor space, map out where all your items will be placed. Depending on your needs, you can then proceed to dirt removal, clearing any unwanted objects that could hinder your plans.

Consider the growing seasons

If you choose to settle for a vegetable garden, consider the growing seasons for your plants and the type of growing bed to utilize. Some plants require shorter planting periods and others tend to be annual growers, meaning they will require different spacing and nutrient requirements. Do your research on what works well for you to avoid running into strenuous maintenance down the line.

Create a maintenance schedule

After this, make it a point to create a maintenance schedule for your garden. This falls under an essential part of spring cleaning tasks for homeowners, helping you maintain your garden’s aesthetics. A working schedule will also come in handy in keeping any unwanted pests at bay, ensuring your garden or your relaxation spot serves its purpose. To help with this, mark out intervals on your calendar for weeding and pruning.

Tool storage

Lastly, have a designated area for tool storage. A small enclosed shed is ideal to ensure tools such as watering cans and hoes are stored away from weather elements that could cause rust. If, however, extra space is a problem, consider buying a sizeable plastic bucket to store your tools.

Make Fence Repairs

Third, on our schedule for spring cleaning tasks for homeowners is making fence repairs. But before beginning any alterations, take note of all damage to your fence. Be on the lookout for any posts that appear loose or crooked from the foundation. If you have a chain-link fence, assess any signs of rust or bent areas. In addition to this, check if your fence is compromised, with any gaps or spaces indicating that your fencing will need replacement.

Tend to minor damages

Minor damage to wooden fencing such as cracks and knotholes will generally call for a quick fix, with wood putty being the go-to solution. Begin by sanding the crack with coarse sandpaper and wipe away the debris from the hole. After this, fill the crack with wood putty and wait for it to dry for about a day. To hide your repairs’ stains, repaint the area to allow the repair to blend in with the rest of the surroundings.

Call an expert

When repairs are extensive, a fencing company will help you with problems related to expanded fences, rotting, and destructions that occur during storms. Your fencing technicians can, for instance, help you replace old wood panels with new fittings. Experts will also help you reinforce your fencing posts, especially after harsh winters that may have caused sagging. Here, previous concrete is replaced with a fresh concrete footing, avoiding impending hazards that could cause injuries to your family and your neighbors.

Repair Cracks in Pavement

Cracks in your pavements could be the reason you have potholes in your driveways. Where cracks develop, moisture pooling follows, later leading to erosion of pavements. Given that crack sealing does not fall among everyday spring cleaning tasks for homeowners, consider utilizing concrete paving services from professionals. By doing so, you can expect to reap benefits such as;

Crack routing

Crack routing utilizes several steps, the first being the formation of a uniform surface in your pavement to prepare sealant application. During this, obstructions are removed from your cracks, with the most common being vegetation. A wire wheel is the most efficient tool that clears any obstruction, ensuring all your cracks are ready for repair.

After this comes the sealant application, utilizing a hot rubberized joint sealant, forming a barrier and uniform exterior for gaps in your pavement.

Types of cracks

For crack routing to occur, your pavement expert will first look at the type of crack in your property. The most common are hairline cracks, which are often 1/8 inches in width. Tackling these in pavements requires sealant such as chip seal, slurry seal, or sand seal as their fluidity allows them to seal properly into the cracks.

If the cracks are more than ½ inch, conduct both cleaning and sealing. Sealants for larger cracks will require hot-poured sealant, asphalt emulsion slurry, or a hot mix of asphalt sand mix.

Invest in HVAC Inspections

HVAC maintenance is another of our spring cleaning tasks for homeowners, failure to which could see you with increased replacement and energy bills. Avoiding this, therefore, means relying on an air conditioning service and maintenance professional, with the following coming in handy.

Inspection of your HVAC filters

Filters act as the central point of your HVAC, with proper working conditions allowing you to enjoy clean air quality. They, however, trap all manner of debris, an aspect that is made worse if you reside in dusty areas. A HVAC expert will check that the filters are free of dirt, with the occasional replacement coming in handy when they trap enormous debris.

Inspection of fuel lines

HVAC experts will also assess your HVAC’s fuel lines with attention to any leaking gas that could result in fire hazards. If your system also has accumulated soot and cracked heat exchangers, a professional will remove the clogged soot while making repairs and replacements to damaged areas.

Inspection of HVAC voltage

Damaged wires and faulty connections in your HVAC can cause the failure of your air conditioning system, with extended damage likely to also lead to fire hazards. An expert will check for such faults that could compromise your system, preventing you and your family’s impending risks.

Assessing exhaust outlets

Last on this list of spring cleaning tasks for homeowners is assessing exhaust outlets, an area that a HVAC technician will help with. Exhaust outlets are responsible for ejecting gases such as carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, allowing you to breathe in clean air during your stay at home. If these outlets show signs of leaks or corrosion, an expert will carefully repair your system. In addition to this, your technician will assess if the vent stack is working as it should.

Deep Clean High-Traffic Areas

Cleaning high traffic areas does not come easy to most, which is why you should consider sticking to the following tips for spring cleaning tasks for homeowners during your next schedule.

Wipe down your counters

For starters, kitchen cleaning is one area that could benefit from a thorough wipe down. Invest in a quality cleaner that also serves as a disinfectant to ensure you keep the germs at bay. Edibles often contact your countertops during meal preparation, making such surfaces a hazard when not cleaned properly. Apart from this area, make it a point to wipe down bathroom surfaces during weekends, as they also harbor dirt due to their frequent use. In addition to this, get rid of any trash lying around to get a cleaner and organized surface.

Clean your floors

Floors can harbor a myriad of pests, with carpets being the number one culprit for this. As a rule of thumb, spring cleaning tasks for homeowners dictate using the proper clearing agents, with attention to specific solutions if you have wooden floors. Additionally, vacuum your carpets at least twice a week to avoid accumulating dust or pet hair if you have pets at home. You can also get professional carpet cleaners for thorough deep cleaning of your carpets for added benefit, allowing you to get a cleaner floor for longer.

Remember your walls

Walls are often forgotten when deep cleaning, yet are other areas that amount to substantial dust accumulation. As a gentle reminder during your spring cleaning tasks for homeowners, pay attention to high traffic areas such as living spaces and entrance pathways. As previously mentioned, a good quality cleaner will come in handy, but first, test out your product on a small area to ensure it does not strip your wall of its paint. Consider cleaning your curtains as well, with bathroom and kitchen blinders being other items to remember cleaning.

Fix Garage Doors

A faulty garage door means you are stuck at home, curtailing any spring road trips that you may have had in mind. If you have little technical knowledge of how to go about garage door repairs, here are some tricks for your spring cleaning tasks for homeowners to consider switching to.

Faulty closing and reopening

The most common garage door emergencies occur during faulty closing and reopening, restricting your vehicle’s indoor and outdoor movement. This is often caused when automatic door openers need a readjustment. Fixing this will require you to adjust the limit settings on your opener, so ensure that these are not off. Additionally, inspect if there is any obstruction to your door sensors, which are located a few inches off the ground in the interior of your door.

Stuck doors

Suppose your garage door gets stuck while opening or closing; you may be experiencing a lubrication problem often caused by humidity changes. Lubricate moving parts of your door, such as rollers and tracks. If this does not work, you may need a professional to help you realign the door.

Strange garage door noises

Strange sounds could mean that your rollers are stuck, an aspect that can be fixed by lubrication or replacing them and having the door tracks cleaned. During this, check for any broken cables and make it a point to have them immediately replaced as they could pose a safety risk during use.

Clear Out Your Gutters

The last step for spring cleaning will be clearing your gutters. For this, you need a ladder and a good gutter scoop. Remove the accumulated debris from your gutter while making sure to use a disposable bag or tarp to collect any debris. After this, use a garden hose to flush water down the gutter and downspout.

If you notice any obstruction to water flow, this will be a sign that your downspout needs more decluttering. Items such as a power washer will come in handy for this or a plumber’s snake to help you flush out any debris. Flushing is a crucial step that will reveal if your gutter has any leaks that may need repair. For help with future cleaning, make it a point to install a barrier at the top of your gutter. Soma belongs to the group of miorelaxants affecting the spinal cord. They are intended to relieve muscle cramps. As for the side effects, Soma made me drowsy. However, it was even good for me when I was in terrible pain. All possible side effects are described on https://shlclubhouse.org/soma-online/. This will help prevent any debris accumulating in your gutter that could cause obstructed downspouts.

Sticking to these spring cleaning tasks for homeowners is essential in maintaining your home in top condition in readiness for a new season. Along with this, you can also expect time savings until your next cleaning schedule, helping you spend more time with your family.

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