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When dealing with renovation and design in any part of your home, exemplary service will be one of your top requirements. However, getting experts in this field may prove challenging, especially when dealing with first-time design and renovation work. How do you differentiate the real from the fake, and how do you ascertain their credibility? Below, we take you through some tips on how to find Chicago renovation and design experts.

Look for Online Reviews

Online reviews will act as your first resource center when looking for Chicago renovation and design professionals. Reviews act as a reference tool for identifying a company’s reputation, with sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp being good places to get information from. These will often come with recommendations on an expert’s level of professionalism and the quality of renovation work performed. Online reviews can also help you get a preview of how renovation professionals handle disputes, with their responses to customer criticism reflecting the kind of treatment you will also likely get. If you spot any back and forth confrontations, consider staying clear of such companies.

Check BBB Ratings and References

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an independent rating platform designed to provide clients with factual information regarding businesses. Both negative and positive reviews go a long way in highlighting a company’s credibility. The Better Business Bureau platform also provides ratings based on customer complains and experiences, often utilizing a grading system with A being the best to F being the lowest rank. Before conducting any research on BBB, first, make it a point to get the official name of the business you intend to work with. This will come in handy in helping you get accurate information on your roof company contractor or design experts. Like other online review sites, BBB will also show you how companies resolve any customer complaints.

Ask Family and Friends

Family and friends have always been the go-to when you need help getting names of trustworthy businesses, with the renovation and design needs being no different. Ask around your close circle of connections for recommendations in this field, with the best suggestions being professionals that they have worked directly with. Relying on the first-hand experience from people you trust will help you know who to contact while also helping you stay in the know of who to avoid.

Get Multiple Renovation and Design Experts

While getting a specific renovation expert is the end goal, having multiple professionals will be a good starting point. It will help you compare factors such as pricing as well as the type of work performed, such as roofing services. Make it a point to research the type of licenses and requirements needed for renovation experts in your area of need before initiating any communication with your candidates. After this, you can then proceed with your discussions, during which you can ask about their license qualifications. The responses given will come in handy in helping you different the appropriately licensed professionals from the rest.

Visit Past Projects

After identifying the ideal candidates, consider visiting their past projects where possible. This can mean visiting ongoing projects and past projects that they have worked on to evaluate the kind of work to expect on your renovations. However, keep in mind that this step may require you to get formal approvals where projects are still in development to avoid disrupting the construction team. Be on the lookout for the kind of relationships portrayed between your Chicago renovation and design experts and their on-site team to gauge any conflicts that could mean delays in remodeling and future inefficiencies.

Look for Professionals Who Offer Multiple Services

Getting reputable Chicago renovation and design professionals is not just a matter of finding a company dealing in one area of specialization but also about experts who offer multiple services. During your research process, make it a point to get details of your design and renovation team’s kind of work. This goes beyond the regular creation of plan renovation and design drawings that often comes with architects and interior designers and the wall and floor installations provided by builders.

Numerous experts will often cater to multiple tasks such as project management, consulting work, and design services. Other services provided by renovation and design professionals include site inspection, valuations, and planning services. Settling for experts who offer multiple options will go a long way in helping you reduce labor costs while also helping you reduce lengthy back and forth bidding processes.

Get Well-Structured Bids

Another tip that will help you find the right experts for your remodeling is getting comprehensive bidding details. For this, list down your renovation details such as roofing, kitchen remodeling, basement designs, and laundry room remodeling. Based on these, request your contractors to provide details such as material costs usage, labor expenses, and the types of experts needed for each work. If any line up with your budget, then you can go ahead and pick your selection.

Understand Your Project Needs

Each renovation work will be different for each client, a factor that results in different costs and expert specializations. Due to this, make it a point to first factor in the kind of renovation you need and the extent of design help you are looking for. If, for instance, you need first-time home designs, these will generally require more consultations, leading to more costs as opposed to a change of home designs. Structural renovations also require more work, requiring specialized attention during your remodeling process.

Due to these factors, consider researching what each Chicago renovation and design specialty does to help you settle for the right option. If you need experts to help you make adjustments to existing property blueprints and design work, an architect will be your got to. If, on the other hand, you only need someone to help you out with choosing the right fabric materials, lighting, and getting the right roofer for renovations that do not require extensive changes to structural components, designers are what you need. Interior designers will especially come in handy when in need of an aesthetic remake, helping you get the right look on your property before your realtors come in during any open home shows. By precisely identifying what you need for your Chicago renovation and design, you will be better placed when hiring your team of plumbing service experts.

Use Budgeting to Your Advantage

Whether you are low on funds or on searching for a high-end renovation company, your budget also makes for a good starting point in identifying the kind of professionals you need. First, determine the total amount that you are willing to spend on your renovation while keeping in mind that some remodeling needs are likely to cost more than others, such as the renovation of art monuments. Depending on your projected expenses, you can then use your budget in your favor, acting as a guide when searching for renovation experts. Another point to note is that low budgets will also likely leave you fewer complete renovations as opposed to medium and high-end budgets.

Use Design Apps

Suppose your online review process gets tiring, or you simply prefer to get a direct reference tool for connecting with a renovation and design company. In that case, design apps will be another essential tool to utilize. Design apps benefit from easy and direct connections to professionals, with most platforms aimed at promoting local home design and remodeling expert services. In addition to this, numerous design apps also allow homeowners to get tutorials, making it a needed option for anyone interested in handling the renovations independently. Among the top-rated designs apps to consider using include:

  • Homepolish: Homepolish gives homeowners the chance to get in touch with designers in their surrounding areas, with the app being available in Chicago among other selected regions in the country. Designed with transparency in mind, Homepolish provides free designer consultations, with video and in-home consultations being an option for anyone looking to cut back on in-office consultations. This app also lets you hire designers on an hourly rate or a flat rate base based on your needs.
  • Buildshop: Buildshop is another platform to consider using for your renovation and design needs. If you need to manage your renovation, this app will allow you to plan and organize your schedule work. This includes grouping your design photos in categories and also organizing your construction team based on completion schedules.
  • Hometalk: If you are looking for simple renovation and design inspiration that you can do on your own, Hometalk will be your next solution. This platform offers tutorials in areas such as kitchen remodeling, painting, and everyday repair work that you can do for your home renovation. If you also need design ideas to help you sell your home, Hometalk will also offer inspiration from its articles, videos, and guides.
  • Cubit: The last design app is Cubit that combines real and virtual data to help users get fast and easy solutions for their renovations. All you have to do is install it and measure your space with your smartphone. After this, it will provide you with a step-by-step approach to arranging items in your home, allowing you to get rid of the tedious to and fro movements that often come with remodeling.

Use Web-Based Renovation and Design Platforms

In addition to mobile phone design apps, you can also get help from web-based design platforms. An example is Houzz, which provides Chicago renovation and design clients with the experts and bail bondsman professionals they may need. Some home remodeling services you can get here include bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and appliance and systems installation contractors. Designs are also not amiss, helping you get ideas on landscaping and lighting essentials.

Popular Contractors in Chicago

To help you out with a few Chicago renovation and design companies in the area, here is a list to have close by:

  • Middlefork LLC: Middlefork LLC is a renowned company serving the majority of Chicago’s high-end clients, catering to needs such as renovations, design, and building. With experience renovating homes in the North Shore Regions and Lincoln Park, their work has been featured on platforms such as Modern Magazine, Modern Luxury CS, and Modern Home Building. Some associations that Middlefork LLC is a part of include the National Association of Home Builder and Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago.
  • Rock and Wall Construction: Rock and wall construction is another Chicago renovation and design company that deals in property rehabilitation, room additions, and green construction. Among their most notable projects include the Wrigley Mansion in Lincoln Park and the 1801 Wesley Avenue monument, with the latter winning awards such as the Evanston Preservation Award. Their work has been featured in outlets such as Home Magazine, Architectural Digest, and the Chicago Tribune.
  • Sebring Design Build: Sebring Design Build is another Chicago renovation and design company to consider looking into. Their services are designed with specifics in mind, spanning from home additions, kitchen renovation to kitchen designs. Some of their awards include the 2012 and 2013 Ebsco Research Best Pick Award Winner, Certified Graduate Remodeler, with their expertise also shown in their 5 Time Winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award.
  • 123 Remodeling Inc.: 123 remodeling Inc. also makes it to this list, having accumulated multiple awards as a preferred condo, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling company. If you also need help with everyday renovation needs such as flooring installations, tile installations, or countertop installations, 123 Remodeling Inc. are the experts you need. Some of their awards include the EPA Lead Renovator, Talk of the Town 2013 and 2014 Customer Satisfaction Award, and Best of Houzz that they have won on five different occasions.
  • Bradford and Kent Home Remodeling: With experience of more than 30 years in the remodeling scene, Bradford and Kent Home Remodeling prides itself on providing specialized additions in homes and providing interior and exterior makeovers in bathrooms, basements, and porches. In addition to this, they also provide renovation services to multigenerational homes and design services to mudrooms and sunrooms. Some of their awards include the Downers Grove Business Excellence Award, and they have also been named one of the country’s top 50 remodeling companies.

If you are on the lookout for renovation or design services in Chicago, the above guide provides pointers on the most crucial tips to keep in mind. Your Chicago renovation and design need no longer have to be a concern by using online reviews to design apps.

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