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The video discusses how someone would find the best criminal law attorney if he or she has been accused of a crime. The speaker discusses three main areas to consider when choosing such an attorney.

Competence is the first area that a prospective client should be mindful of.

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Visiting the attorney’s website will disclose a lot of information a prospect can use to gauge an attorney’s competence level. Reading former clients’ reviews is another way to decide if the attorney in question is competent. An interested person should be leery of an attorney that has many negative reviews.

The attorney’s work ethic is another area to consider. A prospective client should do a little research to see if the candidate attorney has a positive history with clients and other entities. The goal is to hire an attorney who has a very high level of integrity.

Prices are another area that a prospective client should consider. Many lawyers charge a fixed fee, but some charge by the hour. An interested person should consider the billing procedure as well as the actual price for representation.

It’s also a helpful practice to do a side-by-side comparison of several attorney prospects before choosing one. The individual should look at at least three attorneys.

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