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Picking the right school for your child is a very important decision. Many parents prefer to send their children to private schools because of all the benefits they offer. Keep reading to learn about the benefits offered by private schools.

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The first benefit of private schools is the graduation rates. In California, the public high school graduation rate is 83%, whereas the private high school graduation rate is 99%. In addition, more students who attend private high school end up going to four-year universities than their counterparts in public schools.

The second benefit of private schools are test grades. On the ACT, a common test taken by high schoolers to get into college, teenagers who graduated from private schools scored an average of three points higher than teenagers who graduated from public schools.

Another benefit of private schools, whether it be private preschools, private elementary schools, or private middle schools, is smaller class sizes. Class sizes in most private schools are small, with about 12-15 students per classroom, meaning your child will get much more individualized attention and support than they would at a public school where class sizes are usually over 30 students per class.

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