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Telemedicine is a fairly new innovation that offers many benefits to individuals, parents, and children. Keep reading to learn what telemedicine is and how it is used.

The telemedicine definition is medicine delivered from a distance. What this means is you don’t need to drive to a center to see a doctor, you can receive care wherever you are on a smartphone or laptop.

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So who does this help? for example, a resident of an assisted living facility with chronic health care problems can be seen by a physician miles away without leaving the facility. A worker who becomes ills on an oil platform hundreds of miles from land can be evaluated by a physician remotely with telemedicine to make the call if they need in-person medical treatment. A child who gets sick in school can be seen by telemedicine providers to avoid interrupting their parents’ workday or missing school.

At the end of the day, telemedicine improves healthcare outcomes and access to health care because patients are seen sooner rather than later and keeps down costs since there is no traveling involved.

To learn more about telemedicine benefits, watch the video above!


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