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A flower bouquet could make an excellent birthday present. Giving someone flowers from their birth month can make the occasion even more memorable. The video shows the flowers for each birth month and their significance.

Carnations are the birthday flowers for January. They have a variety of colors that indicate different meanings.

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February has violets and these can withstand the cold winters. Sunny daffodils represent March, indicating spring has arrived.

April has daisies as its birth month flowers. Also called “day’s eye”, they open up at sunrise. May is represented by hawthorns, which have many species. Roses are the birthday flowers for June, and the different colors indicate different feelings.

Serene water lilies represent July. Bright poppies symbolize August, and they come in different colors. The birthday flower for September is morning glory, named so because they open up very early in the morning.

Marigold signifies October, reflecting the colors of autumn. Birthday flowers for November are chrysanthemums, or “mums”, symbolizing friendship, joy, and positivity, depending on the color. Finally, narcissus is for December, and it has a variety of species.

Check with your florist and give someone a bouquet of colorful birthday flowers that will undoubtedly liven their day.


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