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When there are hundreds of Minecraft servers to choose from, it is sometimes easy to want to go with the original. But is Minecraft Realms worth the hype? This article will discuss just that.

Minecraft Realms is the official Minecraft server and it runs directly through the game. This allows the server to load just as fast as any other game.

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Because Minecraft directly is responsible for it, the server is always available for anyone to play, so the host does not have to be present in order for the other members to go online. This creates a great way to allow multiple people to play on their own schedules.

Minecraft Realms is $3.99 a month to host three players on the server and $7.99 a month to host up to ten players. This may seem expensive, but most private servers cost similar prices and do not offer as high-speed connections as Minecraft Realms does. Some private servers are free, however, so if money is not an option, you would be better off with a free server.

Deciding which server to play on can take all day. That’s why knowing your price limit and player requirements can make the process much simpler. Find your perfect server today and start playing.

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