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As the video “Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency,” asking the right questions during a marketing agency hiring process can be a game changer. First, interviewers should ask, “What expertise does your digital marketing team have that sets you apart?” This question weeds out marketing agencies that lack the company’s preferred skills.

Next, interviewers should ask, “How often can I expect to hear from you?” The answer “often” shows the agency and company will communicate in partnership.

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The third best question for marketing agencies is, “How will I know if I’m achieving my marketing goals?” If evaluating the success of a marketing campaign based on current data and optimizing it matters to you, this will give you peace of mind.

After that, “How will hours and invoices be calculated?” is a great question. While most agencies provide invoices for billable hours, requesting detailed billing ensures the agency uses company resources efficiently. Finally, you’ll want to ask, “Do you also offer design and development capabilities?” By asking these questions during a marketing agency interview, your company can determine whether a marketing agency is right for your company.

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