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Figuring out what school to put your kid in is a difficult process, if only because of how important their education is. Not just the area, but also the type, particularly private vs. public. This video explains the difference, which we will go into as well.

Essentially, private high schools differ from public ones because they are not a part of the same system. This has the result that these schools do not have as many burdens.

Video Source

As the video lays out, the process of adding a new class to the curriculum can be much more complicated for a public school than a private one.

While private high schools are able to be more independent, they miss out on certain benefits, such as funding that may be lacking for private schools. A lack of funding can limit what a private school can do for its students.

However, due to private schools’ typically smaller class sizes, they tend to require less money to spend on each student. This is often seen as a marked advantage for parents, as fewer students means that there is less of a chance that their child is overlooked.

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