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There are so many bacteria in the world and they can be found almost anywhere. However, Legionella is a bacterium that is found specifically in wet or dumpy areas, as discussed in the video. In other words, legionella is prone in water settings. As such, inhabitants in these areas are likely to have legionella disease, which is a severe form of pneumonia.

But how does Legionella spread? Well, Legionella flourishes in warm water habitats. Take, for instance, hot tubs, cooling towers, and plumbing systems.

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So, this is how it gets to spread: when infected water droplets are inhaled, specifically in aerosol form, they can infect people. As a result, the bacteria affect the lungs, causing fever, severe cough, and strained breathing. Also, note that active smokers or elderly people with already compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable to Legionella disease.

Again, besides being actively transmitted through warm water habitats, Legionella can also be transmitted through cases of inadequate water management, stagnant water, and poor maintenance of water systems around an area or building. Moreover, certain environmental conditions are also likely to increase the spread of legionella. For instance, high temperatures and pH levels.

To curb the spread of Legionella, proactive measures must be adopted. For instance, legionella testing services must be done to determine the extent of the bacteria’s spread. Additionally, upon determining the extent of the spread, cleaning, and disinfection of water systems must be done. This way, the bacteria will lack mediums on which it can use to spread. Legionella testing services are important for keeping the spread of legionella to a minimum.

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