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If you are like many people, the idea of receiving a subpoena can be a little unsettling or even stir trepidation of the unknown. It also doesn’t matter if it is an out of state subpoena (as the process is different but no less official), or a hand-delivered or traditional by-mail subpoena, the legal weight of these documents can create stress for many people for many different reasons. This is also true for anyone receiving a subpoena for the first time, and that also leads to the obvious question our attached video explores: which is what to do now that you have received a subpoena?

What steps to take after getting a subpoena will be dictated by the reason for the summons.

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Before that, however, is reading the subpoena to find out what it is about and how you are involved. It is also important that you understand what is written, and seeking an attorney to help explain any legal jargon is a good idea. Last but not least, if the subpoena incriminates you in any way, you should also seek legal assistance before doing anything else. Otherwise, simply follow the instructions on the subpoena, and have a wonderful day in court.

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