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tree-2814653_960_720With a market share of around 10%, the United States is the second largest construction market worldwide. But the new project that just broke ground in Chicago, which is well known for elevated trains, aims to connect many towns through an elevated pedestrian path, according to Curbed Chicago.

The 312 RiverRun pedestrian path is part of a winding ‘network’ of running paths that opens new doors for Chicago residents. In a recent survey by Urban Land Institute, 50% of respondents said that walkability is either the top or a high priority in where they would choose to live, and this path, which will extend across 95 acres, will help the neighborhoods of North Center, Irving Park, Avondale, and Albany Park travel by foot much safer and easier than was previously possible.

Like the famous High Line in New York City, the new pedestrian path could even become a major attraction for residents and visitors alike.

In addition to enhanced walkability, the 95 acres of 312 RiverRun will allow for the increased support for every athletic activity currently supported by the Chicago Park District. This includes fitness center, tennis courts, softball fields, playgrounds, wheelchair accessible baseball fields, an indoor ice skating rink, the mountain bike/BMX trail, boat houses, an outdoor pool, and more.

“Investing in bike and pedestrian paths are an essential part of making our communities greener and healthier,” said U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). “The Riverview Bridge will connect vibrant neighborhoods and give residents across the city safe and convenient access to some of Chicago’s world class parks and recreational opportunities. This project is a great example of what can happen when local, state, and federal officials work together to improve transportation infrastructure.”

The construction of 312 RiverRun began with the groundbreaking of Riverview Bridge, which extends over Chicago River’s North Branch and underneath the Addison road bridge. The newer bridge will serve as a brand new connection for runners, cyclists, and pedestrians alike in the paths in California Park to the north and Clark Park to the South.

The new Riverview Bridge, which will reach more than 1,000 feet long and 16 feet wide when construction is finished, will be the longest pedestrian river bridge in the city of Chicago. With an elevation of more than 18 feet, it has the ability to accommodate recreational boaters as well. IV Valium solution should be injected slowly into a large vein for at least 1 min for every 5 mg (1 ml) of the drug. It is not recommended to carry out continuous intravenous infusion, as this can lead to the formation of sediment and adsorption of the drug by https://sdarcwellness.com/online-therapy/ polyvinyl chloride materials of infusion balloons and tubes. Its specific access points remain unobstructed, which eliminates the demand for residents to cross major streets, ultimately making the city safer.

Epstein Global is the design team behind the construction of the Riverview Bridge. As a Chicago engineering firm, they also designed Midway Airport’s redevelopment in addition to both the south and west expansions of McCormick Place Convention Center.

The construction of 312 RiverRun is expected to be finished by the end of next year.