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Group of friends enjoying appetizer in american bar - Radial purple and green filters editingIf you love wine, then summer is the perfect time to uncork your favorite vintage. Of course, fall, spring, and winter work equally well.

That being said, certain wines are especially enjoyable during the summer. Countless Americans will spend their summer evenings sipping glasses of wine, whether they prefer refreshing rosés or full-bodied cabernet. However, if you aren’t a wine connoisseur, how do you find the perfect new wine for the summer season?

Fortunately, you’re spoiled for choice. There are countless vineyards around the world producing delicious wines, as well as some exciting new companies offering modern twists on this classic spirit. So if you’re looking for the perfect summer wine, here are some ideas:

Summer Rosés

Rosé is undoubtedly the perfect summer wine. This pink-colored drink is meant to be shared with friends on lazy summer afternoons, and it goes great with a variety of barbecue foods. This year, some of the best rosé wine doesn’t come in a bottle. A number of startups are experimenting with sparkling and traditional rosé that’s packaged in aluminum cans and plastic pouches.

These wines are often imported from countries like Spain, so they aren’t always cheap. However, the unconventional packaging makes it easy to pack these on a summer picnic.

Try Something New

If you want to impress your friends at your first dinner party of the summer season, then pick out a bottle of rare wine for the occasion. You don’t actually have to know anything about wine; simply pick a vintage that piques your interest! For instance, who wouldn’t be impressed by a wine with a fancy French name such as Alphonse Mellot Le Manoir Sancerre. This sauvignon blanc from Sancerre, France is sure to delight your guests. For more laid-back friends, consider the Pleasant Peasant vintage, a 100% Carignan wine made from vines planted in the 1900s.

Try Water Wine

For a wine that even your non-drinking guests can enjoy, there’s wine water. While wine water isn’t technically wine, it does offer a sophisticated alternative to ice water. Brands such as O. Vine are now bottling water that combines “the natural essence of grapes with pure spring water.” The modern bottling evokes a bottle of refreshing summer wine, except without the alcohol content. It’s the perfect beverage for those hot summer days.

The average air conditioning unit lasts 12 years or more, but often the best way to cool off after a long day in the sun is with a chilled glass of white or sparkling wine.

This summer, millions of American adults will responsibly enjoy wine, from refreshing rosés in cans to rare French vintages with incomprehensible names. You don’t need to be a wine expert to find the perfect wine, you just need an open mind and an open palette.