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laminateThe size of the average American home may have tripled over the past 50 years, but that doesn’t mean everyone can take on an expansive renovation to increase square footage or spend a lot of time and money on room upgrades. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to. Something as simple as giving your floor a facelift can be incredibly effective — not to mention incredibly affordable and fast. We’re here to offer a few great ideas to give your floor a makeover and make sure it stays in excellent condition.

Try Layering Some Rugs

If you aren’t particularly handy or don’t have the energy to devote to a total floor change, never fear. You can switch up the feel of a whole room just by being a bit clever with floor coverings. Buy a couple of rugs that differ in size, texture, and pattern to create something unique in your main living space. You can even do this if you’re stuck with wall-to-wall carpeting for the time being. Not only will it make the room more visually interesting, but it will make it a warm and welcoming place to be as well.

Add a Stencil Pattern

Have some existing tile in your bathroom or kitchen but feel bored with the look? You don’t have to gut the entire thing. Clean off the tile, paint the base color (chalked paint in a bold color or neutral works well) and allow to dry. Then, lay your chosen stencil and use a contrasting color paint, being sure to line up all the edges. Finally, touch up and seal with a protective finish. Since the four key factors in the floor protection industry are water resistance, durability, simpler maintenance, and improved color, you’ll want to make sure not to skip this step — particularly in high-traffic areas and ones prone to water use!

Spruce Things Up With Stickers

If you’re wary to mess up your tile with paint, there’s an even easier route to take: stickers! You can find vinyl tile floor stickers on Etsy and other stores (sometimes you can even find a seller who will customize a design for you). Installing them is pretty self-explanatory, as you simply peel off part of the backing, line up the sticker with the floor, and fit as needed. The transformation is pretty incredible though, especially in small spaces (like half-baths or laundry rooms). And it’s a no-muss, no-fuss DIY that just about anyone can handle.

Of course, once you give your flooring a makeover, you need to ensure it stays in great shape. Experts recommend that families enforce a “no-shoe rule” to prevent dirt and damage and to perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis. You should also take care to protect your floor from sun damage and to clean up spills quickly to prevent permanent deterioration. And once it’s clear that your floors need a more substantial replacement (particularly if you’re looking to sell your home), you may want to bite the bullet and invest in it. But if you’ve only got a weekend and a limited budget — and your home is in overall good shape — these DIY ideas will spice things up and allow you to love these rooms again.