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If you want to avoid the stigma of having a criminal record, your best bet is to avoid conviction. This video examines the circumstances by which a criminal defense attorney can have your charges dropped. Your criminal defense attorney will investigate the case to determine whether there are any possible grounds for dismissal.

If a judge or prosecutor decides to drop the charges, the case might close, at least for a while.

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The prosecution may drop the case without prejudice if they believe they can find more evidence to support their position. When charges are dropped “without prejudice,” it signifies that the prosecution still has the option to re-file them later if they so choose.

If there was a violation of your constitutional rights by the prosecution, your criminal defense attorney might be able to get the charges against you dismissed. The court could drop your charges if you complete the requirements of your pretrial diversion program.

In exchange for a guilty plea to lesser counts, some prosecutors are willing to drop some criminal charges. A misdemeanor conviction could result in a sentence, but it would not carry the severe penalties associated with a felony conviction. If you are facing criminal charges, you should find a criminal defense attorney who can assist you in having the allegations against you dropped.

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