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If a post-tension cable is broken or about to break, it might be time to call post tension cable repair companies. However, some people might not know if it’s necessary or not. Fortunately, the Youtube video “What’s the fix for a broken post tension slab cable?” shows what you should understand about fixing it.

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Many homeowners around the country have post-tension cable foundations, and they might wonder what to do when they see a broken one. The video shows two hosts responding to a woman who discovered a hole in her foundation and one of the cables had come loose. She was wondering if this is a serious problem or if she can ignore it. So, does she have to fix it?
First, a post-tension repair company will easily re-cable that part of your foundation. Because there’s a sleeve inside the foundation where they can add a new one. It’s like placing wire through conduit, and it’s not difficult at all. However, it’s not that necessary. Many people might have broken post-tension cables, but nothing is seemingly wrong. This is because the engineer designed things so there’s room for some of them to break without damaging the structure.
You can check the rest of the video for more details about post tension cable repair companies.

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