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If you’re selling your home, now is a great time to do it. Summer is a popular time to buy a new home and with 11% of the U.S. population moving in 2017 alone, millions of people relocate every year. But you can’t just put your house on the market without making a few repairs or changes first so it looks its best. Don’t forget about metal buildings, too — these can look great on your property and give your home’s value a significant boost!

So if you’re looking to sell your home, here are a few home exterior trends and ideas to keep in mind.

Go Dark With Exterior Paint

While homes are often light in color, more and more homeowners are choosing to go dark with the exterior paint — black, dark grey, and even deep browns or greens are being seen more and more. These dark colors help give homes a sophisticated look, especially when paired with a dark metal roof, too. And if you’re painting with dark colors, consider adding a contrasting light wood trim around windows and doors.

Outdoor Fireplaces

More and more people are looking for homes with outdoor living areas — especially during the summertime. This is why it can be a great idea to invest in an outdoor fireplace. While fire pits are certainly common, having an outdoor firepit takes outdoor living to a whole new level. An electric outdoor fireplace can be particularly appealing because it’s less work. And this could be appealing to the 34% of buyers who are looking to avoid renovations and issues with plumbing or electricity. Either way, an outdoor fireplace is sure to catch the eye of potential buyers.

Front Porches

If you have room to build out from your home, you may way to consider adding on a front porch. Front porches, no matter how small, add a touch of class and a welcoming environment to houses. While you’re at it, consider replacing your front door and your locks. The locksmith industry has seen a 2% increase in businesses over the last five years, so you should have no trouble finding someone for the job.  And consider that a simple front porch with some nice railings can really improve the look and feel of a house. And if possible, consider a screened-in porch — with a 50% open area screen, you can still have optimal visibility and airflow.

Outdoor Lighting

If you’re looking to really improve the outdoor living area in your home, then lighting is a necessity. But a few sconces won’t do much for ambiance — consider string lights instead. String lights can bring a magical feeling to an area and it’s perfect for both busy parties and cozy nights. You could even invest in some solar-powered lights, which will appeal to eco-friendly buyers, especially with less than 22% of household trash getting recycled in the United States.

Taller Windows

All homes have windows, but some may be smaller than others. As natural light becomes of more importance, more homeowners are choosing floor-to-ceiling windows. These windows are perfect for living rooms and even kitchens where natural light is most wanted. Even sliding doors are becoming taller, allowing outdoor living spaces to feel more like part of the interior of the house. Glass is even becoming popular when it comes to garage doors, but they can be quite pricey due to their size.

Before listing your home for sale, it’s important to consider what’s “in” right now. You should also consider the fact that the average amount of money it takes to sell a house in the U.S. is $15,200. But if you keep these few exterior home trends in mind, you’re sure to catch the attention of several potential buyers effortlessly and cost effectively.