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UPDATED 12/11/20

Despite often being essential to comfortable living with a chronic condition or disability, healthcare can still occasionally be inaccessible for many people. Fortunately, recent technological advancements have made this field easier to access and improved the quality of care many patients receive regularly. Many technological advancements that are now seen as commonplace parts of daily life have led to revolutions in healthcare, particularly for those with disabilities.

Well-Designed Websites Help Patients Prepare

While business websites and social media pages aren’t always seen as a tool that can be used to help improve accessibility, many healthcare providers are taking full advantage of these innovations to help patients with disabilities. Great website design not only reflects your brand story, but it also gives visitors a first impression of your business. For medical practices and providers that specialize in disability care, a website is an ideal first location for potential patients to learn about the possible accommodations available. For example, a wheelchair user may be able to learn about accessible facilities online, allowing them to make the best possible choice when seeking out a new care provider. Even the simple proliferation of the internet and the expectation of businesses to have information available online has allowed patients to learn where they can safely access healthcare.

Digital Files Improve Visibility In Care

Once patients have begun seeing a new, accessible provider, there are still a few ways that technology can improve the quality of care they receive. Some providers now, through the innovation technology has made possible, are able to allow patients to certain medical records and files online. This allows some test results, such as in the case of allergies, to be delivered to patients in a more timely matter. In 2016, 5.3% of children aged 12 to 17 years had food allergies in the past year. These shorter times between tests and results can ultimately result in improved care by allowing patients and doctors to take steps that improve physical health sooner, rather than having to wait to hear back.

This is especially helpful in the case of patients with communication difficulties. Not all patients are able to make phone calls or contact their care provider through other means; being able to view information online or through other digital platforms ensure these patients still have transparency in the care they receive.

Facilitating Direct Interaction With Patients

internal medicine physicians

Patients who struggle with communication don’t just benefit from online technological advancements. In many cases, chronic conditions or disabilities can impede patient-doctor communication, such as in the case of hard-of-hearing patients. Approximatelyandnbsp;15% of American adultsandnbsp;(37.5 million) aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing. In recent years, artificial intelligence and other technologies have advanced far enough to help facilitate conversation between hearing and hard-of-hearing or deaf patients and doctors. Because patients are better able to communicate their needs and concerns with their medical professionals, they’re more likely to receive higher quality care that addresses their particular health issues.

Technological advancements have improved many aspects of daily routines and daily life, but this impact has been felt especially strongly when searching for ways to provide accessible healthcare. Aroundandnbsp;10% of the world’s population, some 650 million people, live with a disability; for this significant portion of the world’s population, these advancements mean improved care management as well as ease of access. As technology continues to advance well into the future, it is likely that care will only become more accessible for those with chronic conditions and disabilities.

Technology has made it easy for healthcare facilities to send medical claims to insurance companies. In the absence of technology, the claims used to be sent by mail. This process was hectic and took too long. However, the claims can now be sent electronically. If you do not have insurance coverage, it is time you got a plan to allow you to afford medical bills. The 2020 federal health insurance rates are affordable to people from different social classes. The insurance grants you access to internal medicine physicians.

Such is a guarantee that your health condition would be taken care of using the best medication. You do not have to worry about paying for high medical bills using money out of your pocket. There is a lot about Obama health care that people need to know. It is some of the best insurance coverage for low-income earners. Hence, if you earn a low income, that should not be an excuse for you not to have medical coverage. There are plenty of 2019 health insurance plans for individuals that you can choose from. The choice of an insurance coverage depends on various factors. Among them is the plan’s price and the medical health conditions it can cover.


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