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This video will show you what to look for in determining if your elderly parent needs companion care. Companion care is expert help in doing the basic activities of life. These activities include meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation, medical appointments, and grooming. Most people lose the ability to accomplish these tasks due to aging.
Caring companionship is an aspect of companion care that goes beyond helping in the basic activities of life. This aspect focuses on ensuring that someone’s emotional needs are met.

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Most seniors suffer from loneliness because they feel that they have been abandoned and rejected due to their age. Such loneliness often leads older people to depression and health degradation.
Companion caregivers remedy this loneliness by being physically and emotionally available to seniors. This availability is expressed in activities like having conversations, playing games, helping with digital gadgets, and home maintenance. Caring companionship makes seniors feel more independent and less of a burden through such activities. You should consider hiring a companion caregiver if you have a senior who wants to age gracefully in their home rather than in a nursing home.

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